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Microsoft Store is the best place to find apps on Windows. With an engaging new Store that now features traditional desktop apps and new ways to generate revenue, there has never been a better time to find your success in the Store.


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You are in great company

  • Adobe Express | May 2022

    “We're excited to introduce Adobe Express to the Windows community. Since the launch of Adobe Express in the Microsoft Store late last year, we've seen steady growth in installs and product usage. With the support of the Microsoft Store team, we hope to bring our easy-to-use design app to more Windows devices and enable everyone to quickly create standout content. (Ian Wang – Sr. Director of Product Management).”

  • WinZip | May 2022

    “Today, WinZip leverages two main distribution models on Microsoft Store – UWP apps and Win32 unmodified apps. The Win32 unmodified apps allow WinZip to build a direct relationship with our customers while leveraging the reach of Microsoft. The new partnership model Microsoft is offering to development partners is enlisting great potential to expand the reach, to listen to our customers and to respond quickly to changes in demand. (Henry Monteiro - Director of Products)”

  • Wondershare | May 2022

    “From a developer standpoint, we’re very happy to see that the new Microsoft Store supports a wide range of application types such as MSI, EXE, MSIX and PWA. This has dramatically decreased the overheard on our end and made the submission process that much easier. In addition, the team at Microsoft Store has been providing is with amazing support from addressing technical questions to providing marketing strategies and everything in between. (Pete Yang, Senior Manager - Strategic Partnerships)”

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