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Migrate messages from other chat platforms to Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Graph APIs

Microsoft Graph APIs to enable the migration of messages to Microsoft Teams are now Generally Available. .
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Enhance app engagement with the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed API

The Microsoft Graph API for sending notifications in the Microsoft Teams Activity Feed is now generally available with enhanced features.
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Build quality Microsoft Teams apps with these best practices: Part 2

In Part 2 of this series, we share best practices on building and designing tab apps, message extensions, mobile experiences, meeting apps, and notifications
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Announcing public preview of SharePoint Framework 1.12.1

We are excited to announce public preview of upcoming SharePoint Framework 1.12.1 with updated quality assurance process for all upcoming versions.
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Enable compliance scenarios with hosted content and delta message APIs in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Graph APIs are now generally available to help expand capabilities of solutions for critical compliance and archiving scenarios.
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New feature request experience for Microsoft Graph and Office Platform

Our feature request experience is moving to the Microsoft Technical Community (MTC) Ideas space. We welcome and encourage your feedback.
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Jedox explains batching Excel Custom Functions API calls

Jedox is on a mission to optimize value creation through Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) solutions, helping organizations outperform their competition and enabling people to effectively collaborate. Microsoft Excel has always been the key front end for delivering this mission.
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Build quality Microsoft Teams apps with these best practices: Part 1

Build high quality, impactful and engaging apps for Teams by following the guidance in this blog. First of a 3-part series.
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Tips for using the shared JavaScript runtime in your Office Add-in  

Tips for using the shared JavaScript runtime in your Office Add-in to simplify your code. Share data and functionality, access the task pane DOM from anywhere, keep running even when the task pane is closed, and more.
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Upgrade signed Office VBA macro projects to V3 signature

To enhance the security of the Office VBA macro project signing, we recommend that users apply a security update listed in Microsoft Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. A more secure version of the VBA project signature scheme is available for Microsoft 365, Office 2016, and Office 2019.
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Announcing SharePoint Framework 1.12 – Extending more of Microsoft Teams

We are excited to announce a new version of the SharePoint Framework for building extensibility for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. This releases focused on providing more flexibility on the Microsoft Teams extensibility and to update technical dependencies.
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FactSet for Excel leverages the EquivalentAddin element for COM add-in compatibility

FactSet delivers flexible, open data and software solutions which help investment professionals see and seize opportunity sooner. The FactSet for Excel add-in enables users to bolster their Excel models and workbooks with dynamic, refreshable FactSet content including financials, estimates, prices, ownership, credit analysis, and more.
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