Roster Sync Single Sign-On Microsoft Teams Class Notebook OneDrive and SharePoint​ Office Online
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Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS) keeps customer tenants in sync with roster and education data from the SIS/MIS at no cost.

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Single sign-on with Azure Active Directory using OAuth 2.0 allows students and teachers to authenticate with their existing Office 365 credentials.

Enable single sign-on in 3 easy steps:​

Learn more: Read an overview of Office365 and Azure AD Integration.

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Integrate your powerful apps via an extensible platform and expand the hub to allow educators and students to engage in context.

  • Tabs let team members access your service on a dedicated canvas connected to a channel or private chat.​
  • Bots, built on the Microsoft Bot Framework, let team members interact with your service through conversations in Microsoft Teams.
  • Connectors allow your service to send rich notifications right into channels in Microsoft Teams and let team members have conversations around them.
Example of using Class Notebook to work with others

Class Notebook is a versatile add-in for OneNote, that gives teachers and students an unlimited canvas to collaborate and create rich content.

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OneDrive and SharePoint enable seamless collaboration within and beyond the classroom. Individual students or staff can store, sync and share documents, photos and videos with ease. Sites enable creation and organization of classroom content.

A computer that is using Office Online to complete school work

Help teachers create and grade assignments in your app by using the WOPI protocol to integrate with Office Online. Help students finish and submit assignments the same way—even working in groups, in real time— without leaving your app. Some key scenarios that the Web Application Open Platform Interface (WOPI) protocol enables:

  • Teachers can invoke Word Online through the LMS UI to create collateral (additional information, or a template to complete the assignment) for an assignment.
  • Teachers can grade assignments in the browser—Office Online allows for commenting on submissions and marking up the page.​