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Perception-powered intelligent edge dev kits

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Create solutions for the intelligent cloud using advanced vision and speech sensors, made even more powerful with Azure services.

kinect for azure device kit

Project Kinect for Azure

Building on the technology that debuted with Kinect and became a core part of HoloLens, Project Kinect for Azure combines Microsoft’s next-generation depth camera with the power of Azure services to enable new scenarios for developers working with ambient intelligence. This technology will transform AI on the edge with spatial, human, and object understanding, increasing efficiency and unlocking new possibilities.


See through different eyes

Leverage capabilities like spatial mapping, segmentation, and human and object recognition to enable:

  • Azure end-points
  • Robotics and drones
  • Holoportation and telepresence
  • Object capture and reconstruction

Hardware features:

  • 1MP depth camera
  • 4K RGB camera
  • 360° microphone array
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speech device kit

Speech Devices development kit

The Speech Devices SDK is a pre-tuned library paired with specific microphone-enabled hardware that makes it easy to integrate with the full range of cloud-based Microsoft Speech services. Use these tools to power your own ambient device, or get started with one of the speech development kits from ROOBO.

Start a new conversation

Leverage capabilities like more accurate speech recognition, custom wake word, noise cancellation, far-field voice, and beamforming to enable:

  • Drive-thru ordering systems
  • In-car or in-home assistants
  • Smart speakers
  • Language translation

Hardware features:

  • Multi-mic array with noise suppression and echo cancellation
  • Built-in processor
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth 4.0
  • Dual speakers
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Grove device kit

Grove Starter Kit for Azure IoT Edge

This Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ kit includes a variety of components: RGB camera, OLED display, accelerometer, buzzer, microphones, and sensors for temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure. Combine these sensors with Azure services and ready-to-go scenarios for a range of intelligent cloud solutions.

vision ai device kit

Vision AI developer kit

Built with the latest Qualcomm QCS603 chipset, providing neural network hardware acceleration for on-device execution of advanced AI models, this kit includes a 4K 8MP camera, integrated battery, speakers, and a mic array. Full integration and support by Azure Machine learning and IoT Edge empower developers to easily create AI models and deploy them to this device.