New 3D printing support for Windows 10

Build physical objects from digital 3D models on your PC using the new 3D printing support in Windows 10.

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3D Printing

New 3D printing features for Windows 10

  • Driver model for 3D manufacturing devices
  • Support for Windows Store apps and extensions for 3D devices
  • Job spooling and queuing support
  • Keywords for modeling device capabilities
  • API for apps to submit 3D manufacturing jobs to your 3D printer

Docs and samples

Driver development for 3D printers
Find out how to use the Microsoft Standard Driver to make a 3D printer compatible with Windows 10.
3D print from your app
Learn how to add 3D printing functionality to your Universal Windows app. And, learn how to launch the 3D print dialog after ensuring your 3D model is printable and in the correct format.
Generate a 3MF package
Learn about the structure of the 3D Manufacturing Format file type and how it can be created and manipulated with the Windows.Graphics.Printing3D API.
UWP 3D print sample
Learn several different tasks associated with 3D printing and editing the 3MF file type. Such as, how to create a 3MF printing package, how to repair a model, launch a 3D print dialog or open a file in the 3D Builder app.
Windows 3D Printing SDK
Get started with the 3D Printing SDK. It includes:
  • Microsoft’s 3D manufacturing file format (3MF) specification and sample 3MF files.
  • Full source code that shows 3D printing from a Windows Store and a desktop application.
  • Sample 3D printer drivers.
API for 3D printing
Learn more about the APIs that you can use when working with 3D printers.
3MF consortium
3MF is an industry consortium working to define a 3D printing format that will allow design applications to send full-fidelity 3D models to a mix of other applications, platforms, services, and printers.
UWP 3D Printing From Unity sample
See how you can load a Unity 3D asset into the Windows 10 3D print dialog, and then repair the model, make simple modifications, and send it to a local 3D printer or an online 3D print service.


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