Nitya Narasimhan, Senior Cloud Advocate

Nitya Narasimhan

Mobile, Multi-Platform, Azure, PWA



Nitya is a PhD in Computer Engineering, and a Polyglot with 20+ years of experience in software research and development. She is also a community builder and conference organizer in the Greater New York City region.

She is currently a Senior Cloud Advocate in Microsoft Developer Relations, focused on mobile and multi-platform app development. She is a visual storyteller, exploring the use of sketchnotes and visual vocabulary to make complex technologies easier to understand, retain, and recall.

Prior to Microsoft, she led engineering teams (in startups), taught mobile development (in academia), and developed next-generation multi-screen experiences (in industry) as a Distinguished Member of Tech Staff at Motorola Research.

She has authored 30+ publications, been issued 10+ patents, and spoken at numerous community and industry conferences on diverse topics related to software and soft-skills development.


  • Mobile Development (Android, Flutter)
  • Web Development (JavaScript, PWA)
  • Cloud Computing (Azure, Power Platform)
  • Sketchnoting (Visual Guides)
  • Distributed & Ubiquitous Computing (Research)

Mobile, Cloud & Multi-Platform

Visual Storytelling Projects