April Speight

Mixed Reality / HoloLens / Spatial Computing



I've been in the tech industry for 7 years after a career in luxury fashion as a menswear stylist and visual merchandiser. I love working with bots and voice enabled devices. However, I'm currently creating new realities within the world of spatial computing!

I like meeting new coders and people on their journey to transition into the tech industry. I provide advice and code tutorials on both my website and YouTube channel. In my spare time, you can either find me crafting or scratchin' on turntables!


  • Python
  • HoloLens
  • Spatial Computing

My Projects

  • NASA Count Down, Azure Functions Timer Trigger daily SMS count down
  • Take a Break, daily SMS reminder to disconnect and take a break
  • Monty, a bot designed to answer your Python questions
  • Am I Talking to a Bot?, a talk on conversational design principles for building bots
  • How I'm Feeling, communicate your emotional state with the click of a Flic button