Barnam Bora - Cloud Advocacy Lead for Microsoft Teams & Graph

Barnam Bora

AI / ML / Microsoft Teams / Microsoft Graph / CTO Advisory



I lead an amazing team of Cloud Developer Advocates at Microsoft who focus on Microsoft Teams and Graph. Our team helps Developers and Technology Professionals build the best versions of their products and services using the power of the cloud and Modern Developer Experiences. Prior to developer advocacy I spent many years as a developer/technology professional and leader across both engineering and strategic business roles. I have had the pleasure of leading multiple teams of amazing people and most recently I built and lead Amazon's AWS Artificial Intelligence Organization across Asia-Pacific. Previously I managed a high growth engineering program for Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, based at Microsoft's HQ in Redmond, Washington in the USA. Prior to that, I spent multiple years advising the largest companies, organizations & CTOs of the Asia Pacific Region as a Technology Strategy Advisor and a Specialist for Data Driven Decision Making. I have a strong bias towards taking things into production quickly at scale, may it be technology or processes.