Josh Ndemenge Cloud Advocate

Josh Ndemenge

Data Engineering and Analytics



Josh is a Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft in the Data Engineering and Analytics team with experience in data tools having spent his early career days in the IoT (internet of things) & AI (artificial intelligence) space. He is a passionate community tech lead who is passionate to teach and guide individuals interested in tech, especially around Data and Cloud Computing.

Outside works Josh focuses on mentoring young individuals interested in tech. He is a firm believer that the younger generation should be involved in tech, if not actively building the next generation tech solutions, then at least understand what is happening in the tech space, because technology is directly influencing our lives and livelihoods.


  • Data Engineering & Analytics (Microsoft Purview, Azure Synapse analytics, Azure SQL)
  • Internet of Things (Iot)
  • .NET
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)