Java developers are shown how to use Java with Visual Studio, GitHub and Azure by Duke, the Java mascot.

Code, deploy, and scale Java your way

Empowered Java development and deployment in the cloud

Microsoft supports your workload with abundant choices, whether you're working on a Java app, app server, or framework.

Explore ways to build or sharpen your Java skills

Get started with Java developer documentation

Explore technical documentation and resources to help you develop Java applications and services with Microsoft technologies.

Java development for beginners

Java SMEs at Microsoft from around the world have come together to share insights and knowledge and highlight what you can do with this exceptional language. View the Java for Beginners video series hosted by Brian Benz.

Microsoft learning paths for Java development

Learn how you can build, migrate, and scale Java applications on Azure using Azure services. Use tools and frameworks that you know and love – Spring, Tomcat, WildFly, JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere, Maven, Gradle, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Jenkins, Terraform, and more.

Java development conveyed by a group of Microsoft employees building with Java using favorite developer tools Azure, Github, and Visual Studio.

How Microsoft applies Java

Over the past decade, Microsoft has significantly contributed to and invested in the Java community and mission. Learn more about the steps we've taken to make Java development better and how we use the language internally for our key products.

View our featured Java development intro videos

Headshot of Mark Heckler, Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Azure Spring Apps

Mark Heckler, Principal Cloud Advocate, shares why Java developers should try Azure Spring Apps.

Headshot of Rory Preddy, Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft

Jakarta EE (formerly Java EE)

This intro video by Rory Preddy, Principal Cloud Advocate, covers advantages of using Azure App Service with Jakarta EE applications.

Headshot of Bruno Borgess, Principal Product Manager, Microsoft

Develop Java apps using your favorite tools

Bruno Borgess, Principal Product Manager, discusses how Microsoft can help you develop and deploy Java applications to the cloud.

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Java on Azure code samples

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