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Scan your website with sonar, the linting tool for the web

We've completely revamped our scanning tool to bring you sonarwhal, a configurable linting tool for developers of any skill level that you can add to your workflow to help you build better websites

Free tools for cross-browser testing

Our tools and virtual machines are free and cross-platform, so you can test your site today on your favorite device.

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    Test Microsoft Edge and also IE8 up to IE11 using virtual machines that you download and manage locally for free.

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    Visualise how your site renders across 9 common browsers and devices.

  • Site Scan With sonarwhal

    We've completely revamped our site scanning tool to bring you sonarwhal, a configurable linting tool for the web.

Microsoft Edge shown on mobile and desktop devices

Track platform features in the Microsoft EdgeHTML rendering engine

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Experiences powered by Microsoft Edge and the latest web standards

Variable Fonts Demo | Microsoft Edge Demos

OpenType Font Variations make it possible to access multiple typefaces within a family from a single resource. Take an expedition into the typographical variety available via variable fonts

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CSS Grid Paradise Puzzle

CSS Grid unlocks so many capabilities for great two dimensional layout on the web. As such, we utilized grid to create a puzzle game, how fast can you complete it?

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Web Authentication

This demo showcases how you can log in to a site via Windows Hello. Once you are logged in, you get to see videos of puppies!

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Dolby Audio Experience

For the first time, Dolby Atmos® can be delivered through the browser on PCs and tablets. Give your users a crisp, clear, and immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos.

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