Build engaging experiences connected to OneDrive

Add seamless file storage

Easily add file storage to your app and connect to Office 365 files with just a few lines of code.

Share and collaborate at scale

Use OneDrive's robust sharing and collaboration tools to share between teams, organizations, or the world.

Engage more users

Connect your app to millions of users and engage with customers where they already do their work every day.

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Upload content with ease

Upload a file up to 4MB with a single request, or use createUploadSession to upload files up to 15GB with resumable transfers.

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curl -X PUT -d @document1.docx -H "Authorization: bearer access_token_here"

Help your users quickly find what they’re looking for

Search for documents within a folder or across all files a user can access, all with a single request.

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curl'query-text') -H "Authorization: bearer access_token_here"

Enterprise sharing, without the work

Quickly share a file anonymously, within an org, or between organizations with a sharing link.

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curl -X POST -d '{"type": "view"}' -H "Authorization: bearer access_token_here"

Convert files to the format you need

Convert documents to PDF, or fetch thumbnails for over 200 different formats your app can preview without directly supporting.

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curl -o document1.pdf -H "Authorization: bearer access_token_here"

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