In addition to huge performance improvements, Windows IoT Core now supports Intel® Joule™, Raspberry Pi 3, the new Microsoft IoT Grove Kit, the updated Adafruit starter pack, better Store integration, and the Remote Client enables you to control your IoT devices from your desktop or phone.

The latest improvements streamline new submissions while helping you monetize and promote your apps and games.

Make great apps that works on all Windows devices by grabbing controls (like carousels and hamburger menus) or data service helpers (like Facebook login or posting a Tweet).

Watch experts from the engineering group as they take a deep dive into building apps for Xbox One.

Build for Windows 10

Get the latest bits and build your best apps ever.

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Web Notifications in Microsoft Edge
Implementing Web Notifications (00:02:12)

Web Notifications allow web sites to display messages via your devices native notification system.  This allows for richer and more native feeling web applications. Learn more about Web Notifications.

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