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The Desktop Bridge helps you bring your Win32 and WinForms apps to Windows 10.



Give your customers a more human experience with Windows 10 APIs.



Use one code base to reach every Windows device—and beyond.


Give your software the human touch


Sign up with your Microsoft account to get information and assistance to help you create your application. You’ll also unlock exclusive rewards offers, including a complimentary developer account so you can get your apps into the Microsoft Store. As you reach new milestones, you’ll unlock new rewards.



Package your apps for Windows 10


Why limit yourself—or your customers? When you package your existing PC apps for Windows 10, you can give your customers more human app experiences: natural inputs, face and fingerprint recognition, and beautiful visual design. You also get access to the Microsoft Store, so you can engage your customers more deeply with trusted downloads, automatic updates, and more.


The Desktop Bridge makes it easy to migrate your existing apps to Windows 10. It automatically registers handlers, filetype mappings, firewall rules, and more. It also validates your apps against Microsoft Store requirements and automatically signs your package.


It’s easy to package your existing PC apps for Windows 10. If you know you’re ready to publish now, skip down to Step 5.


  1. Select your packaging method

  2. Package your app with the Desktop Bridge

  3. Test and validate

  4. Debug if needed

  5. Get conversion assistance or approval to publish your app in the store

  6. Publish your app using Dev Center

Windows 10 enables existing desktop applications (like Win32 and .NET) to become part of the UWP ecosystem and to be distributed in the Windows Store. This session will talk about new capabilities and tools for the Desktop Bridge conversion process and the ways that you can take advantage of UWP features to enhance your apps.

Learn how to package your apps for Windows 10


Enhance your apps with Windows 10 features


Why do people love logging in using only their face? Why do they choose digital pens over keyboards? Why is Mixed Reality more than simple Virtual Reality? Because it’s more human. Windows 10 APIs offer innovative ways to provide more engaging, satisfying experiences.

More fluent, more human


Microsoft’s Fluent Design System connects your software with a more sensory human experience. Your users will speak, touch, sketch, and gaze to interact more naturally with your applications. Fluent Design opens the door to a new generation of software. 


Introducing a new design system for the next wave of creativity across Windows devices. Fluent Design will deliver intuitive, harmonious, responsive and inclusive cross-device experiences and interactions

Features your customers will love

Windows Mixed Reality

Mix digital objects with real-world surroundings to create extraordinary experiences.

Ink & Dial

Responsive drawing and writing tools inspire a more direct connection with the act of creation.

Windows Hello

Friendlier inputs let your users log in using only their face or fingerprint.

Live Tiles & Notifications

Highlight important information before your audience knows they need it.

Ready to enhance your apps with more human Windows 10 features?


Build your next project on Windows 10


Coding for Windows 10 is more human. Simplify your work life and let your apps reach every Windows 10 device—and many more—using one code base. Give your users true cross-device continuity and other experiences they’ll love, like intuitive inputs, face recognition, and extraordinary visual design.


Windows Dev Essentials provides you the information and resources you need to build Windows 10 apps, as well as exclusive offers from Microsoft, including a Telerik license to UI for UWP Premium Support Edition ($599 USD retail value).

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Use your favorite tools to build applications that can reach every Windows 10 device on the planet using one unified code base.

Reach beyond the desktop

Windows 10 puts your apps in front of more potential customers on PCs, Surface Tablets, Xbox, and Mixed Reality devices.

Get the resources and support you need

Sign up for Windows Dev Essentials to get access to step-by-step guidance to help you create Windows 10 apps.

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