Cortana's got skills

Create a Cortana skill to reach millions of users in a natural and helpful way.

Create a skill

Build amazing skills using the Cortana Skills Kit

Our tools and technologies make it possible to build deeply integrated, engaging experiences with Cortana.
Have conversations with your users

Build conversations that help users be productive, whether the user is speaking or typing to Cortana.

Chain skills to solve complex problems

By emitting semantic data, skills can be chained together to make users truly productive.

Stream audio to your users

Broadcast audio to high-fidelity devices such as the Harmon Kardon Invoke.

Launch client code on devices

Skills can launch apps and websites on the user's active device, in order to get even more done.

Create customized skills with Cortana's profile

Use Cortana's profile information in order to customize your experiences on a per-user basis.

Use existing resources to jumpstart skill building

Use premade components to get moving quickly.

Learn to build a skill in thirty minutes

Want to get started? Our tutorials will get you up and running with a skill of your own.

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Videos and announcements

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What's new with the Cortana Skills Kit? (13:42)

The Cortana Skills Kit announced several new features at Connect(); 2017. Check out the updates in our session above.

Latest news: Cortana Developer Blog

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