Publish Windows apps

The unified Windows Dev Center dashboard lets you publish and manage all your apps for Windows devices.

App submissions

Find out what you need to create a submission and get your app certified.

Pricing and availability

Customize your app’s availability with per-market pricing and scheduling, visibility options, sale pricing, and more.

Store listing options

Provide text and visual assets that make customers eager to try out your app.

Payments and reporting

After your app is published, detailed analytics show you how it’s doing and how much money you’ve earned.

Microsoft Store Policies

Learn about the certification requirements that apply to all Windows apps and content.

Do more with your apps

Make money

The Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and the Microsoft Store give your apps lots of ways to earn money, including in-app ads, add-ons, and more.

Attract and promote

Get the word out to potential customers with ad campaigns, sale pricing, badges, and other features that help you promote your apps.

Engage with your customers

Drive customer engagement and satisfaction by using features like push notifications, targeted offers, review and feedback responses, and more.

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