Video for Writing Your First Windows 10 App

Get started with Windows apps

Build UWP apps that work on all Windows 10 devices — PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

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Learn about UWP

Build apps that work and look great across all Windows 10 device types, using one store and one codebase.

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Get the tools

Visual Studio Community 2015 gives you everything you need to build great apps. And it’s free!

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Sign up

Register a dev account to publish your app to the Windows Store and get benefits that will help you plan, build, and market your app.

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Start coding

Tutorials and checklists to help you build your first UWP app.

More tools for devs

One of the dev community’s favorite tools now runs on Windows 10.

Get a VM preloaded with Windows 10, the tools, SDKs, and samples.

Make your apps look great with these common UI designs and effects.

Task snippets and code samples to write your apps faster.

Drawing of a suspension bridge tower

Move your code to UWP

Bring your existing apps to UWP so that they can run across Windows 10 devices, and you can list them in the Microsoft Store or the Microsoft Store for Business.

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