Get started with UWP apps

Build apps that work on all Windows 10 devices — PCs, tablets, phones, and more.

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Learn about UWP

Build apps that work and look great across all Windows device types, with one Store and one codebase.

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Get the tools

Visual Studio Community gives you everything you need to build great apps–and it's free!

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Start coding

Tutorials and checklists to help you build your first UWP app, and point you in the right direction to build your next.

Tutorials and videos

Learn how to add WebVR support to an existing game made with Babylon.js.

  • Skill level

Build a simple Memory game as a Hosted Web App for the Microsoft Store with popular fullstack web technologies.

  • Skill level

Learn how to provide users with the digital equivalent of almost any pen and paper experience imaginable.

  • Skill level

Learn how wheel devices, such as the Surface Dial, can provide users with contextual commands for both the system and your apps.

  • Skill level

Learn how to create your first Universal Windows Platform app with this LinkedIn Learning course for beginners. Free trial available.

Learn how to write a simple UWP game that could be published to the Microsoft Store. This game uses JavaScript and the CreateJS library.

  • Skill level

Learn how to develop 2D games using the lightweight MonoGame framework. Then, publish your game to the Store.

  • Skill level

Learn how to create a 3D game and publish it to the Microsoft Store, using the WebGL library and three.js.

  • Skill level

More tools for devs

One of the dev community’s favorite tools now runs on Windows 10.

Get a VM preloaded with Windows 10, the tools, SDKs, and samples.

Make your apps look great with these common UI designs and effects.

Quickly build a UWP app that has the pages, framework, and features you want with this friendly extension for Visual Studio. Get your app running in no time!

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