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Bring existing apps and games to the Microsoft Store.

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Benefits of the Desktop Bridge

Streamlined deployment Users can confidently install and update apps and games that use the Desktop Bridge. And developers spend less time authoring setup experiences and keeping users up to date.
Greater reach and simpler monetization Distributing through the Microsoft Store lets you reach millions of Windows 10 users who can acquire apps, games, and in-app purchases with local payment options.
More opportunities across devices Using the Desktop Bridge, you can gradually migrate your code to the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to reach every Windows 10 device, including phones, Xbox One, and HoloLens.

Convert your apps and games so your users have smooth installation and update experiences. Then distribute through the Microsoft Store or keep using your existing channels. Finally, modernize with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) to increase user engagement and reach all Windows devices.

  Convert desktop solution Distribute through Microsoft Store Modernize with UWP
Simplified setup authoring
Differential updates
No malware injection
Clean uninstallation
Trustworthy distribution
Auto-updates for users
Global distribution
Easier monetization
Modernize the experience
Gradually migrate
Move away from monolithic solutions
Reach all Windows devices

Get started

  • Documentation
    Learn more about how to bring your application across the Desktop Bridge.
  • Conversion options
    Explore the various ways to convert your application—by using the Desktop App Converter tool, using a third-party installer, or manually.
  • Desktop Bridge app extensions
    Learn how to use extensions in your converted desktop application to run startup tasks, integrate with File Explorer, add app-execution aliases, and work with various file types and protocol associations.
  • Debugging
    Find information to help you succeed in debugging your application or game using Visual Studio.
  • Distribution
    Learn about options for deploying your application once you’ve converted it.
  • How the Desktop Bridge works
    Take a deeper dive into how the Desktop Bridge works under the covers.
  • Code samples
    Browse complete code for a variety of Desktop Bridge scenarios on GitHub.
  • Developer guide to the Desktop Bridge
    This course walks you through how to bring your existing desktop application to UWP via the desktop bridge, showing you how to convert, extend, enhance and migrate your app or game.

We're excited to bring our full-featured Evernote app to the Windows Store. The Desktop Bridge vastly simplifies our installer and uninstaller. It also opens up UWP APIs that we’ve taken advantage of, including the live tiles and notifications. And having the full-featured Evernote app in the Windows Store means future improvements will reach users faster.

Featured videos

This course walks you through how to bring your existing desktop application to UWP via the desktop bridge, showing you how to convert, extend, enhance and migrate your app or game.

Windows Developer CVP, Kevin Gallo, discusses the latest improvements for the Desktop Bridge, and announces that the first set of apps built using the Desktop Bridge are becoming available in the Microsoft Store.

Learn how the latest Windows 10 platform and tooling improvements make it easy to use the Universal Windows deployment technology for your desktop applications, modernize them with Windows 10 features, and migrate them to the Universal Windows Platform.

It's easier than ever to bring your desktop app to the Universal Windows Platform. See how to package your .NET App for distribution.

Support and feedback

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Tell us what you think about the Desktop Bridge

Provide suggestions and feedback to the Windows platform developer team for the Desktop Bridge ("Centennial").

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