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Microsoft Graph is the unified API for modern work

Use the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365 to build apps that interact with millions of users.

Try the API

Build a Microsoft Graph REST API request and get a response in 30 seconds.

What can I do with Microsoft Graph?

Build intelligent apps

Increase efficiency in your organization by building apps that support Microsoft 365 scenarios across productivity, collaboration, people and workplace intelligence, and education.

Surface external data in Microsoft 365 experiences

Create connections to non-Microsoft 365 data sources, index the data, and store it as external custom items and files.

Scale access to Microsoft 365 data for insights and analytics

Access Microsoft 365 data on Microsoft Graph at scale while ensuring security and governance in every step of the process. Streamline the delivery of this data to your Azure tenant.

Woman looking at a computer overlaid with floating icons of Microsoft 365 services such as Microsoft Teams integrated with the Microsoft Graph API.

Integrate with Microsoft 365 services

Use Microsoft Graph REST APIs to integrate with the best of Microsoft 365, Windows, and Enterprise Mobility + Security services while managing user and device identity and compliance.

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