Microsoft Graph Data Connect

A secure, scalable solution that enables you to copy relevant Microsoft 365 datasets into your Azure tenant to enable advanced analytics and insights.

Unlock key analytics scenarios with Microsoft 365 data

Customer relationship analytics

For commercial business leaders, go beyond traditional CRM insights and understand customer interactions and relationships based on communication and collaboration patterns.

Business process analytics

For better operations, see how work really flows through the organization on a day-to-day basis. Pinpoint the manual processes and workflow bottlenecks that should be automated or optimized.

Security and compliance analytics

To secure sensitive data, learn how employees are using and sharing sensitive information. Implement anomaly detection, threat intelligence, audit log analysis, risk management, and legal forensics.

People productivity analytics

For driving HR transformation, export your Viva productivity metrics so you can convert insights into solutions with digital adoption, smart meetings and content, hybrid workplaces, and cultural change.

Data Connect resources

Learn about policies and billing

Azure managed applications allow you to support certain Azure policies, giving customers greater confidence when using your apps.

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Understand enterprise communication patterns with Data Connect

Microsoft and Neo4j introduce a security and compliance analytics scenario that uses Microsoft Graph Data Connect to access Microsoft 365 data (Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, and more) and Neo4j to uncover hidden communication patterns.

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Developing proprietary analytical models to offer businesses customized insurance policies to help to mitigate risk.

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Introducing a security and compliance analytics solution with Microsoft to uncover the hidden patterns of communication in an organization using Outlook datasets.

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Increasing GTM and deal velocity for real estate brokers based on available properties data and improving customer relationships.

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Providing insights into collaboration and manager effectiveness, and utilizing organizational analyses to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.

Extend Microsoft 365 data into Azure

A confident man walking through a large data center can copy and integrate data at enterprise scale.

Copy data at scale into Azure Data Factory

Ideal for big data and machine learning, Microsoft Graph Data Connect allows you to develop apps for analytics, intelligence, and business process optimization by extending Microsoft 365 data into Azure.

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