Transform siloed data into organizational knowledge

Information is everywhere, and it's growing exponentially. Use Microsoft Graph connectors to bring external data into Microsoft Graph to access more of your content across Microsoft 365 intelligent experiences.

Why bring your data to Microsoft Graph?

Ground Copilot in more of your content

Bring external data into Microsoft Graph and ground Copilot's responses in more of your work content and context.

Search using natural language

Ingest content into Microsoft Graph to enhance the knowledge layer in Copilot.

Surface the most relevant results

Enhance the discoverability of external content alongside your files, documents, and data from Microsoft 365 applications.

Build a secure custom connection

Step 1 - Choose data sources to ingest

Step 2 - Use the Microsoft Graph connectors API

Step 3 - Create the connection and configure search and activity settings

Step 4 - Define and register your schema, applying semantic labels and property attributes

Step 5 - Ingest and manage external items, including access to content

Resources to help you get started

Start with documentation

Explore code samples

Build your first connector

Use Postman to try the API

Get the latest Microsoft Graph connectors news

Dive deeper with interactive videos

Explore the array of Microsoft and community-produced interactive demos and videos.

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