Microsoft Graph connectors

Bring content from external services into Microsoft Graph, enabling external data to power Microsoft 365 intelligent experiences such as Microsoft Search.

Hands typing on a laptop demonstrating how to use Microsoft Graph to index external data.

Index external data

Use Microsoft Graph to add custom items to search results in the Microsoft Search experience.

Try the connectors API

Learn how you can use the Microsoft Graph connectors API with Postman.

Build a custom connector

This tutorial shows you how to use the Microsoft Graph connectors API to create a custom connector and use it to power Microsoft Search.

Add a connector in the admin center

Follow the steps in this guide to set up a Microsoft Graph connector in the Microsoft 365 admin center, configure connection settings and properties, and manage search permissions and schema.

Find connectors provided by partners and Microsoft

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Microsoft Graph connectors make it easy to access disparate information, whether it's stored on-premises or in the cloud. Find the information you need while working in your favorite productivity app or one of the many Microsoft 365 apps.