What can you do with Microsoft Graph?

smart meetings

Autoschedule meetings

Build applications that autoschedule meetings, accounting for availability, out of office status, meetings rooms, and related documents.

organizational analytics

Get data on your organization

Get data on how teams in an organization are collaborating, including top collaborators across teams and what they are working on.

custom dashboards

Build custom dashboards

Create custom business dashboards and portals that allow for a personal contextual experience, using the Microsoft Graph people and insights preview APIs.

smart workflows

Create smart workflows

Build workflow applications that combine the structure of an organization with a business approval process.

... and more!

How some of our partners are using Microsoft Graph

approved contact

Integrates with Microsoft Graph to enable Outlook users to share their calendars with people outside their organization, which makes scheduling meetings more efficient.


Uses Microsoft Graph to tap in to Excel data and let users create powerful “zaps” or personal workflows that automate data collection and integrate it with other cloud services.


Integrates with Microsoft Graph in Outlook to enable Outlook users to interact with sheets and projects in Smartsheet while accessing data from OneDrive and other services.


Enables organizations to automatically identify and populate missing user profile information, turning blank people cards into rich data to build connections faster.