Integrate Excel workbooks into your custom workflow

Use Microsoft Graph to tap into Excel data and let users create powerful workflows that automate data collection and integrate with other cloud services.

API Flow diagram showing searching for excel workbooks in onedrive and accessing them

Store survey response data

Analyzing survey results for your specific custom needs can be challenging. The data collected through survey apps might be large and hard to parse. Excel workbooks make a great repository to store survey results, in addition to the survey app's view. You can build workflows that trigger the insertion of survey response data to an Excel workbook in your OneDrive or SharePoint site. You can then perform analysis, filter, chart, and storage operations on your workbooks using Excel REST APIs in Microsoft Graph.

See Zapier's Excel integration.

Image showing Zapier integration with Excel

Automate sales leads

Your sales pipeline is only as good as the data you feed it. Save time by avoiding manual imports and use automation to log sales leads directly. Every new lead will trigger the automation, logging the details into an Excel spreadsheet as a new row.

You can use Excel REST APIs in Microsoft Graph to enable web, mobile and backend solutions to create worksheets, update ranges, add and manage tables, filter and sort data, call worksheet functions, and create visualizations.

See how Zapier integrates Facebook Lead Ads with Excel.

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