Use Microsoft Graph to stay up to date with a user's mailbox

Email delta sync enables to exceed customers' expectations for keeping workers up to date on what matters most to them.

API Flow diagram showing finding and syncing to a user's email folder with delta sync

Access and sync data more efficiently

You don't have to access a large amount of data every time to keep mail up to date. Using the delta query function in Microsoft Graph, you can access mail folders and sync messages to your application seamlessly. Minimize the amount of traffic sent across the network by fetching only the changes made to the mailbox since the last sync. An initial call to the endpoint provides a baseline for all subsequent changes, making fetching more efficient every time.

API flow diagram showing subscribing to a user's mailbox, receiving notifications, and syncing with webhooks and delta sync

Sync changes as they happen

Microsoft Graph supports webhook subscriptions for mail folders. You can use a webhook to subscribe to a data source and trigger notifications when updates are available. This removes the need for polling, which reduces resource use. You can make your solutions fast and responsive by using webhooks for change notification and delta functions to sync data.

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