Partners : Microsoft Graph


Integrates with the security API to correlate alerts from Microsoft Graph with threat intelligence, providing earlier detection and response to cyberthreats.

Approved Contact

Integrates with Microsoft Graph to enable Outlook users to share their calendars with people outside their organization, which makes scheduling meetings more efficient.


Takes advantage of Microsoft Graph to create an immersive visual experience that reveals topics, people, and content users might not even know they need.

BA Insight

Integrates customers' key line-of-business applications and on-premises information with Office 365 so they can spend less time searching and more time doing.


Uses Microsoft Graph to enable enterprises to protect their cloud investments against account compromise, data breaches and other core security risks.


Uses Microsoft Graph to enable seamless integration with their eSignature solution and broader platform for automating the agreement process.

Integrates with Microsoft Graph to surface important topics across many apps, so workers can focus on what matters - customers, projects, and products.


Enables organizations to automatically identify and populate missing user profile information, turning blank people cards into rich data to build connections faster.


Maximizes productivity through rich search and discovery solutions that use Microsoft Graph to integrate with familiar Office 365.


Uses Microsoft Graph to enable enterprises to prevent sensitive data leakage, govern risky activities, and maintain the visibility and security controls admins need.


Uses Microsoft Graph to integrate Office 365 data in Word templates and documents.

Palo Alto Networks

Enriches alerts from the security API in Microsoft Graph with threat intelligence, speeding up detection and prevention of cyberattacks for customers.


Uses alerts and context from Microsoft Graph in its Secure Terrain solution to deliver improved visibility and protection.


Uses Microsoft Graph to help companies take advantage of the massive productivity gains enabled by Office 365, while meeting their various compliance, threat protection, and data security requirements.


Integrates with Microsoft Graph in Outlook to enable Outlook users to interact with sheets and projects in Smartsheet while accessing data from OneDrive and other services.


Extends the power of enterprise content management (ECM) in Office 365 with Microsoft Graph.


Uses Microsoft Graph to tap in to Excel data and let users create powerful "zaps" or personal workflows that automate data collection and integrate it with other cloud services.