Microsoft Graph API

Access rich, people-centric data in the Microsoft Cloud via a single endpoint with the Microsoft Graph REST APIs and SDKs.

What can I do with the Microsoft Graph API?

Microsoft Graph enables countless scenarios, including the following.

Automate responses from a shared mailbox

Your app can use the mail API and change notifications to process and respond to email messages and let senders know when their message is received.

Streamline business processes with Microsoft Teams bots

Implement and install Teams bots that can interact with users to conduct surveys, send company-wide notifications, or notify specific employees about required actions.

Enhance your web app with Microsoft Graph Toolkit

Add Microsoft Graph-powered experiences to your app with just a few lines of code. Use controls such as login, people picker, and person card to manage identities and unlock your organization's information.

Automate common business tasks

Use PowerShell to provision users, groups, or Microsoft Teams teams, generate reports on Microsoft 365 usage, and send security alerts.

Tools and resources

Try the API in your browser without writing any code

Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

Get resources and information to help you build solutions for the Microsoft 365 platform, including recommendations tailored to your areas of interest. You might also qualify for a free, renewable developer subscription that's configured with sample data.

Discover solutions that use the Microsoft Graph REST API

Real-time presence with Microsoft 365, Azure, and Power Platform

This custom solution uses Microsoft Graph Change Notifications and Azure Event Hubs.

Real-time collaboration with Azure and Microsoft 365

This custom solution uses Microsoft Graph Toolkit and Fluid Framework.