Microsoft Graph is the unified API for modern work

Use the data and intelligence in Microsoft 365 to build apps that reach millions of users.

What can I do with Microsoft Graph?

Use the Microsoft Graph REST API to build apps that access, analyze, and augment data from Microsoft 365.

Get started with the Microsoft Graph API

Build a sample app in minutes

Choose a language, get a client ID, and download a working sample that calls Microsoft Graph.

Or, follow along step-by-step to build your sample.

Try the API in your browser without writing any code

Ground Copilot for Microsoft 365 in more of your organization's content

Use Microsoft Graph connectors to bring data from external sources into Microsoft Graph, making more of your organization's content and context available to Copilot.

Simplify deployment of Microsoft Graph resources by using Bicep templates

Bicep templates make it easy for you to deploy Microsoft Graph resources throughout your development lifecycle as part of your infrastructure-as-code solution.

Learn on your own schedule

Microsoft Graph fundamentals

Develop apps with Microsoft Graph Toolkit

Explore Microsoft Graph scenarios for JavaScript development

Explore Microsoft Graph scenarios for ASP.NET Core development

Scale access to Microsoft 365 data for insights and analytics

Access Microsoft 365 data on Microsoft Graph at scale while ensuring secruity and governance in every step of the process. Streamline the delivery of this data into Microsoft Fabric in Delta Parquet format.

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