See what you can do with Identity and Access APIs in Microsoft Graph

Access users and groups

Look up and manage user profile information for users in your organization, such as name, photo, email address, job title, and more.

Manage directory roles

Assign users to predefined administrative directory roles, which grants permission to perform specific tasks.

Monitor identity risks (preview)

Query risk events detected by Identity Protection, including risk event type, severity, date, time, location, impacted user, and more.

Manage user access reviews (preview)

Configure access reviews of group memberships and application access.


See what else you can do with Microsoft Graph

Keep email data in sync

Subscribe to mailboxes for updates and sync data efficiently.

Onboard users

Automate user onboarding workflows and manage changes to user roles within an organization.

Find meeting times

Manage your calendar and schedule meetings across multiple users.

Correlate security alerts

Correlate multiple security alerts to improve threat protection and response.