Microsoft Ignite

October 12-14, 2022

Build a Microsoft Teams collaborative app

Put your app at the center of hybrid collaboration

Bring the relevant people and data directly into Microsoft Teams or into the apps where your users collaborate.

Build a Teams solution

Plan your app based on Teams features and scenarios

Building a successful Teams app is about understanding your use case and finding the right combination of features to meet your user's needs. Craft the right experience for your users with an app that fits their requirement.

Design your Teams app to create a cohesive experience

An effective design highlights your app's unique attributes while fitting naturally with Teams features and contexts. Learn about the principles and resources to help you strike that balance.

Build your collaborative app for Teams

Microsoft Teams apps help your collaborative workspace to be more productive by bringing key information, common tools, and trusted processes to where people increasingly gather, learn, and work. Create something brand new for Teams or integrate an existing app.

Embed Teams functionality into your app

Teams chats and channels embedded in a custom app displayed on a Surface laptop.

Embed Teams chats and channels in your app

Use Microsoft Graph to create a new virtual team when a new business issue arises, add the right people to the team, and configure the team with channels, tabs, and apps.

A custom app interacting with Teams displayed on a Surface laptop.

Build custom applications that interact with Teams

Transform what you create with video, voice, chat, and text messaging SDKs that seamlessly extend Microsoft Teams capabilities into your apps.

Resources to help you get started

Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.

Instant sandbox

Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program to get a free, renewable 90-day developer subscription to build and test Teams solutions.

A man wearing glasses browsing all Microsoft Teams courses and learning paths.

Microsoft learning paths

Learn on your own schedule. Find in-depth guided paths or learn how to accomplish a specific task through individual modules.

Two developers finding Microsoft Teams app development resources.

App development resources

Find solutions, scenarios, best practices, and sample code to help you maximize business value as you build apps for Microsoft Teams.

Save time with tools

Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio displayed on a Surface laptop

Create and manage your app with Teams Toolkit

Use these toolkits to streamline app development and quickly create, debug, and deploy right from Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.

Build your first Teams app with these quick starts

Walk through the steps to build a basic Teams app, including common tools, fundamental concepts, and more advanced features.

Teams Developer Portal displayed on a Surface laptop.

Manage your apps with the Teams Developer Portal

Your primary tool to configure, manage, and deploy your Microsoft Teams apps.

Find code samples easily

Explore samples and discover the things you can build.

Publish. Certify. Monetize.

Publish your app

Distribute your app directly to the Microsoft 365 app stores where millions of Microsoft 365 users go to discover apps.

Certify your app

Make sure your app meets security, privacy, and data handling standards through the Microsoft 365 App Compliance program.

Monetize your app

Gain customers by including a SaaS offer with your app through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

Connect with the Teams developer community

Don't reinvent the wheel. Share with others and contribute your knowledge about building apps for Teams.

A community of developers gathered around a table sharing their knowledge about building apps for Teams.

Get the latest Microsoft Teams news

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