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Reimagine your collaborative apps with Microsoft Teams

Transform your ideas into collaborative experiences

Get started with Teams message extensions and get plugins for Copilot for Microsoft 365

Integrate your app with Copilot to transform how your users create and collaborate with AI through plugins. Teams message extensions get you there.

Extend, enrich, and customize Copilot for Microsoft 365

Expand what Copilot can do for your team. Integrate your apps and data with Copilot.

Create real-time collaborative experiences with Live Share

Streamline collaboration and connection by transforming your virtual meetings into interactive, multiplayer experiences.

Build once, deploy efficiently, connect across Microsoft 365

Develop Teams apps that seamlessly extend to Outlook and the Microsoft 365 app.

What are collaborative apps?

Collaborative apps bring teams together, enabling seamless communication and collaboration. With Teams, you can build collaborative apps that are:

Empower seamless work. Eliminate barriers and interruptions, and meet users where and when they work.

Bring business workflows, contextualized data, and actionable insights into every interaction - in real-time and over time.

Unlock business insights and open new frontiers of operational intelligence.

Bring your app into Teams

Create applications that meet users in their flow of work. Bring business processes, contextualized data, and actionable insights together to create collaborative experiences your customers will love.

Bring Teams into your app

Extend what your app can do with Teams functionality such as video calling, telephony, or chat, using the building blocks in Azure Communication Services. Plus, bring data and insights from Microsoft 365 to your app with Microsoft Graph.

Build your Teams app with these quick starts

Get started building apps with Teams Toolkit

Build an AI-powered Teams bot

Build a Teams message extension app

Build a Teams tab app

Resources to help you get started

Microsoft 365 Developer Program

Get resources and information to help you build solutions for the Microsoft 365 platform, including recommendations tailored to your areas of interest. You might also qualify for a free, renewable developer subscription that's configured with sample data.

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