An app running in Microsoft Teams

Bring your app into Microsoft Teams

Transform your ideas into a Teams app and unleash your creativity and innovation with our tools and SDKs.

Build a Teams app

Plan your app

Building a successful Teams app is about understanding your use case and finding the right combination of features to meet your users' needs.

Design your app

An effective design highlights your app's unique attributes while fitting naturally with Teams features and contexts.

Build your app

Make your collaborative workspace more productive by bringing key information, common tools, and processes to where people are.

Build apps faster with Teams Toolkit

.NET, JavaScript, and TypeScript developers can use the Teams Toolkit for Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code to create apps for Teams, run and debug apps in the Teams client, set up apps in Teams Developer Portal, and provision and deploy apps to Azure.

Manage your apps with the Developer Portal

Configure, distribute, and manage your Microsoft Teams apps. With the Developer Portal, you can collaborate with colleagues on your app, set up runtime environments, and much more.

Explore SDKs to build your app

Teams AI library

The Teams AI library simplifies the integration of large language models into Teams applications, making them conversational.

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Teams JavaScript SDK

Create experiences in Teams, Office, and Outlook where your app is hosted in an iFrame.

Microsoft Graph logo

Microsoft Graph SDKs

Connect the data from Microsoft 365, including Teams and Outlook, by accessing the Microsoft Graph API.

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TeamsFx SDK

Reduce your tasks by using Teams single sign-on and accessing cloud resources with zero configuration.

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Live Share SDK

Transform Teams apps into collaborative mulit-user experiences with minimal investment.

Publish. Certify. Monetize.

Publish your app

Distribute your app directly to the Microsoft 365 app stores where millions of Microsoft 365 users go to discover apps.

Certify your app

Make sure your app meets security, privacy, and data handling standards through the Microsoft 365 App Compliance program.

Monetize your app

Gain customers by including a SaaS offer with your app through the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.

Join the Microsoft 365 Developer Program

Kickstart your Teams developer journey

Get resources and information to help you build solutions for the Microsoft 365 platform, including recommendations tailored to your areas of interest. You might also qualify for a free, renewable developer subscription that's configured with sample data.

Join the Microsoft 365 developer program