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Add Teams meeting scheduling to your solution

Enable users to create Teams meeting links directly from within your app or website.

Implement Teams meeting scheduling in 3 easy steps

Register your app

Build the configuration

Integrate capability for users

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"Buncee and Teams makes it easy to connect virtually with students and colleagues. You can launch Microsoft Teams from your Buncee dashboard! Create Teams meetings, and share invites to students and colleagues with the push of a button."

Teams meeting scheduling industry examples

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Enable educators to quickly create online classrooms

Drive a fast transition​

Find the strategies, resources, and technology to quickly create online classrooms that help students and teachers find new ways to connect and learn.​

Build confidence on any device

Easily bring together face-to-face connections, assignments, and conversations in a single hub that’s free for schools and universities.​​

Keep students engaged​​

Get the tools you need to keep students energized, engaged, and on the path to learning and growing.​

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Enable healthcare providers to meet with patients and remote clinicians

Virtual engagement with patients

Through easy-to-join scheduled virtual visits, clinicians can use Teams capabilities like screen share, cloud recording, live captions, and more.​

Remote clinician engagement

Easily bring remote clinicians into the patient virtual visit through scheduling and meetings capabilities.​

Consistent experience everywhere

Medical professionals can meet across desktop, mobile, and room devices, with the option to connect from examination rooms, offices, mobile care environments, and other remote locations.​​

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Enable salespeople to connect with customers

Connect with your customers​

Allow seamless scheduling of meetings with customers, who can join via desktop, web, or mobile.​

Meet with your sales team​

Sales team managers need to be on top of things constantly. Quickly schedule a meeting to review progress.​​

Do it all from your solution​​

Deliver a great experience, directly from your solution. ​

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Enable hiring managers to interview with prospective candidates

Virtual interviews

Through easy-to-join scheduled interviews, hiring managers and candidates can use Teams meeting capabilities like screensharing, whiteboarding, cloud-recording, live captions, and more.​

Real-time interview feedback

Streamline and enrich the candidate hiring experience by entering real-time interview feedback while facilitating virtual interviews.​​

Assisted interviews​​

​Proactive in-meeting notifications provide a rich and effective interview experience for both candidates and hiring managers.

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Share to Teams

Enable users to seamlessly share web content to Microsoft Teams.