Engage with your customers

Drive customer engagement and satisfaction by using features like push notifications, targeted offers, reviews and feedback responses, and more.

Understand your audience, define the right content, and send targeted notifications

Create segments to define groups of your Windows 10 customers based on criteria you select. Then target each group by using notifications or special offers.

Use the dashboard to define segments of your app’s customers, based on demographic or revenue criteria that you choose.

Show attractive, personalized content to specific segments of your customers to increase engagement, retention, and monetization.

Use the dashboard to create and send push notifications to segments of your app’s customers, tailoring each notification for each audience.

Run experiments and let customers know you’re listening

Run experiments in your apps to measure the effectiveness of feature changes before you enable them for all of your customers.

Invite your Windows 10 customers to tell you what they think by directing them to the Feedback Hub, where they can submit problems, suggestions, and upvotes. Then review and respond to their feedback in the dashboard.

Follow up and connect with your customers by responding publicly or privately to their reviews. You can submit your responses either in the dashboard or by using our REST API.

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Engagement analytics

Keep tabs on your customer engagement activities by using these Windows Dev Center reports.

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