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Monetize your apps

In-app purchases, flexible pricing models, in-app ads, and much more—our platform provides the features you need to turn your apps into revenue.

Choose a pricing model

Do you want customers to pay you to install or use your app? Our platform provides several flexible options.

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Charge a price for your app

You can charge a price for your app up front. We support a comprehensive range of price tiers, including the option to set per-market prices. You can even schedule a sale to reduce the price of your app for a limited period of time.

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Free trials

You can offer a free trial version of your app to get more customers to try it. To entice customers to buy the full version, you can limit the features in the trial version (for example, only including the first level of a game), show ads, or specify a time-limited trial.

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In-app purchases

Whether you charge a price for your app or offer it for free, you can use in-app purchases in your app to provide an ongoing revenue stream. Use in-app purchases to let customers upgrade from a free to a paid version of your app, or offer durable or consumable add-ons for sale within your app.


Monetize your app with adsGet started

Increase your revenue opportunities by putting ads in your UWP apps. Our advertising platform supports a variety of ad types and offers mediation with a range popular ad networks.

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Ads for every context

We support a wide variety of ad experiences to suit most needs, including banner ads, interstitial ads (banner and video), linear video ads, playable ads, and native ads. Our platform is compliant with the OpenRTB, VAST 2.x, MRAID 2, and VPAID 3 standards and is compatible with MOAT and IAS.

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Ad mediation service

Maximize ad revenue in your apps by using the microsoft ad mediation service to serve ads from multiple popular ad networks. You can configure your mediation settings in Partner Center without touching a line of code. If you let us configure mediation for you, our machine learning algorithms will help you maximize ad revenue across the markets your app supports.

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Detailed analytics reports let you see how your ads in apps are performing, giving you the information you need to maximize your ad revenue. We also provide a RESTful API you can you use to get this data programmatically.


Make money through ads in your apps

This video introduces the different types of ads you can show in your apps and explains how you can leverage ad mediation to help increase your ad revenue.

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Other monetization opportunities

Looking for other ways to increase your monetization? Consider these options.

  • Microsoft Affiliate Program. Earn commissions by linking to Microsoft products from your app, blog, web page or other communications. You can link to apps, games, music, movies, hardware, accessories, and other goods sold in the Microsoft Store.
  • A/B experimentation. Run A/B tests in your apps to measure the effectiveness of feature changes on some customers before you enable the changes for everyone.
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Monetization analytics

Keep tabs on how your app is performing in the Store by using these reports.