Monetize your apps

The Universal Windows Platform and the Windows Store provide a variety of ways to make money from your apps.
Display ads in your apps
Display banner and interstitial ads

Increase your revenue by using the Microsoft Store Services SDK to display banner ads and interstitial ads (video and banner) in your apps.

Use SDKs from other ad networks in your UWP apps

Increase your revenue by displaying video ads from Vungle or banner ads from AdDuplex or Smaato in your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps.

Choose pricing strategies for your apps and in-app features
Paid apps

Charge a price for your app up front, including the option to set per-market prices.

In-app purchases and free trials

Offer products and features that customers can buy from within your app, and limit features in a free trial version to entice customers to buy your app.

Making money through advertising in your apps

The Universal Windows Platform and the Windows Store make it easy for you to make money through paid downloads, in-app purchases, and ads. This video introduces these features and quickly shows you how to add ads to your apps.

What’s new in monetization

Interstitial banner ads

The latest release of the Microsoft Store Services SDK now supports interstitial banner ads for UWP apps in addition to interstitial video ads and standard banner ads.

New API for in-app purchases

Windows 10, version 1607 introduces a new API in the Windows.Services.Store namespace for performing in-app purchases and accessing license info for your app.

Microsoft Store Services SDK

This SDK provides the libraries and tools that you need to display ads in your UWP apps, run experiments with A/B testing, and collect user feedback about your app. This SDK will evolve over time to include new features.

Affiliate ads

If your app is configured to display banner ads, you can increase your ad fill rate and revenue by showing Microsoft affiliate ads in your app for products in the Store. When users click the ads and buy products within a given attribution window, you earn revenue on each purchase.

Windows and Store trends

Whether you are considering building or porting an app for Windows or you already have apps in the Windows Store, you need insight into the Windows device and Windows Store ecosystems to help you to determine what types of apps to build and where to focus your development efforts. We publish a variety of monthly reports that give you the data you need to make these decisions.

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Monetization analytics

The unified Windows Dev Center dashboard provides the monetization data for your apps that you need to optimize your revenue.

Microsoft Affiliate Program

Earn commissions by linking to Microsoft products from your app, blog, web page or other communications. You can link to apps, games, music, and movies sold on the Windows Store, or hardware, accessories, and other goods sold on the Microsoft Store.

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