Monetize your app with ads

Increase your revenue opportunities by putting ads in your UWP apps. Our platform offers a variety of ad types and supports mediation with a variety of popular ad networks.

Ads for every context

Drive advertising revenue by choosing from a variety of ad formats that can be seamlessly integrated into your apps. Our platform is compliant with the OpenRTB, VAST 2.x, MRAID 2, and VPAID 3 standards and is compatible with MOAT and IAS.

Banner ads appear on top or bottom of your app screen and can prompt your users to install apps or view products or brands.

Interstitial video and interstitial banner ads are full page ads that not only deliver rich experiences to your users but also earn more money for you!

Native ads help you create rich inline ad experiences through highly custom ads that fit the theme of your app.

Make money through ads in your apps

This video introduces the different types of ads you can show in your apps and explains how you can leverage ad mediation to help increase your ad revenue.

Ad mediation service

Maximize ad revenue in your apps by using the new Microsoft ad mediation service to serve ads from multiple popular ad networks, across ad formats. You can configure your mediation settings in the Dev Center dashboard without touching a line of code. If you let us configure mediation for you, our machine learning algorithms will help you maximize ad revenue across the markets your app supports.


Use the analytics reports on the Windows Dev Center dashboard to see how your ads in apps are performing, and use this information to maximize your ad revenue. We also provide a REST API you can you use to get this data programmatically.

Get started

Install the Microsoft Advertising SDK

This SDK provides the UI controls you need to show ads in your UWP apps.

Choose your ad type and add an ad control to your UWP app

In your app's code, add one of our ad controls where you want to show an ad. For banner, interstitial, and native ads, assign test ad unit and application ID values to your control and test your app to make sure that it shows test ads.

Get your ad unit and configure mediation

For banner, interstitial, and native ads, get an ad unit and application ID from the Windows Dev Center dashboard and assign these values to the ad control in your app’s code. To maximize your ad revenue, enable mediation for your ad unit and choose from a variety of popular ad networks.

Submit your app and review your analytics

Submit your updated app package to the Store. Then, review the advertising performance reports in the dashboard to see how your ad units are performing across markets and ad networks.

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