Microsoft Ad Monetization platform

App developers, game studios, ad networks, and marketing agencies – our platform has something for everyone. See how our comprehensive features and broad customer reach can help you reach your business goals.

App developers

We support a wide variety of ad experiences including banner ads, interstitial ads (banner and video), playable ads, and native ads. Our platform is compliant with the OpenRTB, VAST 2.x, MRAID 2, and VPAID 3 standards and is compatible with MOAT and IAS.

Maximize your ad revenue by using the new Microsoft ad mediation service. Our service delivers ads from popular ad networks that support different markets and ad formats to help increase your fill rates. You can configure your mediation settings in Dev Center without changing your code. You can even let us configure mediation for you, and our machine learning algorithms can help boost your ad revenue even further.

Run objective-driven app install ads campaigns from the Windows Dev Center dashboard to help increase your conversions. You can also participate in community ad campaigns with other developers and run cross-promotional house ad campaigns in your other apps for free.

Use the analytics reports on the Windows Dev Center dashboard to see how your ads in apps and app install ads campaigns are performing, and use this information to maximize your ad revenue and app installs. We also provide REST APIs you can you use to get this data programmatically.

Ad networks

Advertisers can extend their reach across a diverse set of Microsoft products and properties, with ads appearing in Microsoft premium app and web properties like MSN, Skype and Outlook, and in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps for Windows 10 devices. It’s easy to integrate with our RTB-compliant platform and reach customers on a range of device types including mobile, PC and tablet, Xbox, HoloLens, and more.

Growing ecosystem of ad network partners

Premium publishers and game studios

Enhanced ad monetization opportunities

Whether you’re monetizing your app with ads or looking to promote your games with app install ads, we’ve got you covered. Leverage our expertise to create objective-driven, highly targeted campaigns with rich, custom-made creatives. You can also validate campaign performance by tracking installs using partners like Kochava. High-budget campaigns qualify for premium support to maximize your conversion and lower your cost per install.

Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program

As part of our continuous efforts to help Windows developers monetize their apps through ads, we offer the Windows Premium Ads Publishers Program. This is a curated collection of ad-enabled apps and games that are best in class in terms of usage, engagement and experience. Advertisers from our partner ad networks can identify these apps separately and serve premium, high-yield ads exclusively to these apps for the highest return on investment for their campaigns.

Marketing agencies

The Microsoft Ad Monetization platform enables seamless API integration to agencies who are working with top app publishers and studios. Agencies can programmatically integrate with our platform to maximize reach and ROI, with industry-best CPIs for app install ad campaigns. Our campaign API lets you access campaign performance data so you can integrate the results into your own internal dashboards.

What our customers are saying

"We used the Promote Your App system to promote our newest game, Cribbage Deluxe. It was an easy way to get installs for our app immediately after launch, helping us move into the New and rising list which led to even more visibility and installs. We see CPIs under $2 on average, which is a fraction of the cost of other platforms. In the past 6 months, we've seen a huge improvement in the quality of ads being served in our games. This is best reflected by our average eCPM, which has more than doubled in that time."

"Smaato is very excited to be one of the first ad networks on the Microsoft Ad Monetization platform, serving ads on a host of premium Microsoft and 3rd party developer apps. The platform sends us rich targeting signals that allow us to serve the highest quality ads on Windows apps."

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