Ready to create your first Windows app? Our tutorials help you target all Windows devices from a single project, in the language you prefer.

User interface basics, design principles, layout guidelines, templates, and more.

Guidance, reference, tutorials, and code snippets help you build your app, whether it’s brand new or ported from another platform.

Find detailed information about the Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs. These APIs are for UWP app development on Windows 10.

Making money from your apps doesn’t have to stop at the point of sale. Explore all the monetization options, including in-app purchase, advertising, and more.

Create ad campaigns, distribute promotional codes, put your apps on sale, and engage with customers by responding to reviews.

Get your app into the Store and explore the features in the new Windows Dev Center dashboard like beta testing, analytic reports, and more.

Learn how to bring your experiences to Windows 10—from the web, other mobile platforms, or a traditional Windows application.

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What's cool in Windows 10

The spirit of creativity lives in all of us. No matter what platform you work on, the Windows 10 Creators Update brings state-of-the-art features to make your apps more personal, natural, and intuitive.


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A quick visual how to for installing Visual Studio and the Windows 10 SDK. You can begin creating your own universal Windows app today!

See how simple it is to create outstanding experiences tailored to a wide array of device types, from the smallest Lumia phone to the new 84" Surface Hub, all running the same app!

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