Develop UWP apps

Overview of the Universal Windows Platform

Build and publish apps for any Windows 10 device—PCs, phones, Xbox One, HoloLens, and more—with the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which provides adaptive UI controls for different devices and a common API set that's guaranteed to be present on all devices that run Windows 10.

API reference

Find detailed information about the Windows Runtime (WinRT) APIs. These APIs are for UWP app development on Windows 10.

What's new for Fall Creators Update

Windows 10 continues to evolve. The Fall Creators Update contains improvements to features in every area from web to UWP and from consumer apps to line-of-business tools.

Port your app

If you have an existing Windows Forms, WPF, Android, or iOS app, you don't have to start from scratch to try UWP! Check out our resources for information on how to bring your existing code to UWP and add cool new features like live tiles and notifications.

Other versions and related app types

How-to articles for creating Windows Runtime apps that run on Windows 8.x.

How-to articles and API reference docs for Windows Phone Silverlight development on Windows 8.x.

Docs for building applications using Win32 and COM APIs.

Get the latest version of WinJS, try out demos, and read the WinJS tutorial to learn how to use HTML, JavaScript, and the Windows Library for JavaScript to create UWP apps and apps for other platforms.

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