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WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop: Keynote Presentation

In this video from WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop, keynote speaker Robert di Benedetto talks about the modern workplace and gaming, which are two of Microsoft's five solution areas for the digital transformation. Check out this video and then see what else we showcased at our workshops in Taipei and Shenzhen.

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    Presentations from WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop now available

    See all presentations on Channel 9

    The WinHEC Fall 2017 Workshop featured sessions and labs for developers, product managers and planners to help prepare for Universal Driver development, and to showcase the benefits of adopting key hardware features. The presentations from this two-day event, which was held in Taipei and Shenzhen, are available below:

    WinHEC Online

    See all videos on Channel 9

    Enabling our hardware ecosystem partners to design, build, manufacture, and test Windows devices and peripherals is critical to our success. We have created WinHEC Online to share information and help our hardware partners deliver Windows devices, peripherals, and drivers with the latest Windows updates. In this first edition of WinHEC Online, we’ve created the following series of videos:

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