Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Animations namespace


The Microsoft.Toolkit.Uwp.UI.Animations namespace has the following types:

Class Description
Blur Performs an blur animation using composition.
CompositionBehaviorBase A base class for all behaviors using composition.It contains some of the common propeties to set on a visual.
Offset Performs an offset animation using composition.
Fade Performs an fade animation using composition.
Rotate Performs a rotation animation using composition.
Scale Performs a scale animation using composition.
AnimationSet Defines an object for storing and managing CompositionAnimations for an element
EffectAnimationDefinition Defines an EffectAnimationDefinition which is used by AnimationSet to link effect animations to Visuals
EffectDirectPropertyChangeDefinition Defines an EffectDirectPropertyChangeDefinition which is used by AnimationSet to link effect property Changes to Visuals
AnimationExtensions These extension methods perform animation on UIElements
AnimationTools Internal tool to link composite transforms to elements