Code Helpers

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Link Description
Colors Color conversion and utilities for handling colors
Connection Detection of Internet connectivity helper
Converters Helpers for conversion of binding data
ImageCache Functions to help cache of images to temp storage
StorageFiles Helpers to work with files inside APPX or local storage
Streams Helpers for processing stream data from APPX or Internet
VisualTreeExtensions Provides a collection of extensions methods for UI
WeakEventListener Allows the owner to be garbage collected if its only remaining link is an event handler
Storage Helpers to save and retrieve generic objects easily, supports both local and roaming storage

Getting Started

Read the getting Started with the UWP Community Toolkit for instructions on using these functions in your own projects.

Windows 10 Store App

Want to see the controls and animations in action before jumping into the code? We have published the UWP Community Toolkit Sample App to the Windows 10 store. Download the app and play with the controls live to see what they do before ever writing a line of code.

GitHub Repository

Visit the UWP Community Toolkit Github Repository to see the current source code, what is coming next, and to clone the repository. Community contributions are welcome!