Explore new UI effects and controls that add depth, movement, and perspective to your app (included in prerelease builds of Windows 10).

Be among the first to explore this exciting new technology and create immersive experiences for your users.

Quickly build a UWP app that has the pages, framework and features that you want backed by a friendly wizard that gets your app running in no time! Design guidance and industry standard patterns and practices are baked right in.

App developers, game studios, ad networks, and marketing agencies – our ad monetization platform has something for everyone. See how our comprehensive features and broad customer reach can help you reach your business goals.

Build for Windows 10

Get the latest bits and build your best apps ever.

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Using the Payment Request API (01:38)

The Payment Request API helps customer and sellers complete the checkout process more seamlessly. Whether you're developing a website, a UWP app, or a bot, you can use the APIs to provide a faster and more consistent payment process. Learn more in the Payment Request API documentation or read a blog post about the Edge Payment Request API or the UWP Payment Request API. Don't forget to register on Microsoft Seller Center.

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