Docs for the Universal Windows Platform, UWP APIs, Microsoft Edge, and Cortana have moved to We look forward to seeing your contributions and feedback!

Windows 10 brings state-of-the-art features to your apps. Create unique user interactions with the new Surface Dial or set up your app to talk with Cortana. From bots to holograms, Windows 10 is the future of computing.

Backdrop is a music app sample sharing code between UWP and tvOS using Xamarin. It supports background audio on UWP devices and cross-platform device collaboration using SignalR.

Learn how to create your first Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app with this LinkedIn Learning course for beginners. Free trial available.

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Modernizing the Windows UWP Docs (01:35)

Learn more about this modern, community-oriented approach to finding Microsoft’s technical documentation all in one place, including how you can contribute and leave feedback. See the new UWP docs.

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