Microsoft Build 2017 will present the first-ever Windows Developer Awards. Vote now and help us recognize developers who create great experiences on Windows.

Windows 10 brings state-of-the-art features to your apps. Create unique user interactions with the new Surface Dial or set up your app to talk with Cortana. From bots to holograms, Windows 10 is the future of computing.

Adventure Works is a cross device UWP app for sharing adventures and experiences with fictional friends by using APIs for Camera, Inking, Speech, Maps and more.

Bash, PowerShell, Visual Studio, distribution models like the Desktop Bridge, natural inputs like voice, touch, ink and gaze, enterprise-class security, Windows Hello, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Cortana, HoloLens… Bringing the future to reality.

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What's Cool for Devs in the Windows 10 Creators Update (00:01:31)

The Windows 10 Creators Update introduces many new features and enhancements for developers - this video highlights just a few of the cool new things for developers to try out. Read more about what's new for developers in Kevin Gallo's blog post.

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