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Microsoft HoloLens: Setting Up Your Holographic Development Environment

This video guides you through everything you need to do to get started developing for the Windows Holographic platform. You can find links for all the tools at

Microsoft HoloLens: May 2016 Update

This update includes amazing new features like the ability to run three UWP apps simultaneously, new voice commands, Bluetooth mouse support, and more.

Using Ink, Voice, and Face Recognition in a UWP App

Family Notes is a Windows 10 UWP sample, that demonstrates ink, voice, and face recognition to create an intelligent notice board. Create notes by typing, drawing or dictating them, and when the PC sees your face it will tell you how many notes are waiting for you.

Edge F12 Tools for Tracking Changes

Microsoft Edge F12 tools are unique from any other developer tools. Edit HTML and CSS in the browser, making changes on the fly, and Change Bars will highlight any changes you have made.

Designing Universal Windows Platform apps

An introduction to the design elements that help you create Universal Windows Platform apps that look great on all types of Windows devices – from as small as a handheld Windows Phone screen to as large as an 84" Surface Hub.

One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - What Monitor Does a Window Default To?

Raymond Chen covers a question about the CreateWindow function and which monitor to use.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

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Developing Universal Windows apps with HTML and JavaScript Jump Start

If you want to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build rich, native apps on a new and exciting platform, look no further. Get the details from Microsoft experts, complete with demos and a look at design considerations for screens from 4 to 40 inches!

Building Blocks: Universal Windows Platform

Join popular presenters Jerry Nixon and Christopher Harrison as they walk you through the basics of UWP and prepare you for the Universal Windows Platform workshop.

A Developer's Guide to Windows 10

Join experts Jerry Nixon and Andy Wigley as they take another look at Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform, give guidance on developing apps for the Universal Windows Platform, and provide details on some of the most interesting new features for developers in Windows 10.

Build 2016

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Universal App Model Overview

Andrew Clinick discusses new app model capabilities ranging from app deployment improvements, enabling your existing desktop apps to take advantage of UWP to exciting new capabilities to drive app engagement on all your devices.

Creating Beautiful UX in Real-World UWP Apps

Having the best idea for an app is only half the battle. This session focuses on apps with a solid UI foundation that are enhanced with new capabilities around animations, effects and enabling playful experiences that will delight the user.

Cortana Extensibility

Cortana can now proactively surface your app to users in the right context and provide your app with relevant information to act on, making it quick and easy for the user to work with your app, or even complete tasks on the user's behalf.

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