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What's Cool for Devs in the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update introduces many new features and enhancements for developers - this video highlights just a few of the cool new things for developers to try out.

One Dev Question with Raymond Chen - Why are there "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" directories?

In this video, Raymond Chen answers a question about program file directories.

Modernizing the Windows UWP Docs

Learn how you can contribute to Microsoft’s UWP documentation in its new community-oriented location.

Writing Your First Windows 10 App

Updated to include the latest features from Visual Studio 2017!

So you've just installed Visual Studio - now what? Follow this quick video tutorial to build your first UWP app for Windows 10, and your computer will be talking to you in no time.

Building a Pet Recognition Door Using Windows 10 IoT Core

With Windows 10 IoT Core, you can build devices to power your purrrrfect world. Build a pet recognition door by connecting a webcam, an infrared motion sensor, servo motors, and OpenCV facial recognition on a Minnowboard Max running Windows IoT Core.

Microsoft HoloLens: Uses for Spectator View

Learn more about spectator view rigs, which are third-person cameras for the HoloLens. They can be used for sharing your holographic creations, whether they be still images, video clips, or live demonstrations.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

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What’s New and Improved in Visual Studio 2017

From faster installation to new and improved code navigation, IntelliSense, code refactoring, publishing, and debugging, Visual Studio 2017 boasts a wealth of new features for increasing productivity and enhancing code quality. Get a fast start on the newest version of Visual Studio in this demo-rich session.

Exploring Speech, Ink, and Camera on the Universal Windows Platform

For tips on making your Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps more successful, join a team of technical experts who can show you how, with a focus on Speech, Ink, and Camera. Using a UWP app sample called FamilyNotes, explore features and technologies you can use in your own apps.

Windows 10 Development for Absolute Beginners

If you'd like to create Windows 10 apps on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and you have some experience with C#, these sessions are for you. Follow along with the coding exercises, as you learn key techniques and concepts.

Build 2017

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Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design

Learn how to use familiar technologies like XAML and C# to create apps that bring Fluent Design to life on Windows 10 across a range of devices and inputs.

Windows Template Studio

Watch a panel discussion and practical demonstration of Windows Template Studio, an open-sourced Visual Studio 2017 extension that uses a dev-friendly wizard to help you quickly build a UWP app.

Tip, Tricks, and Secrets: Building a Great UWP App for PC

Discover practical tips, tricks, and secrets about UWP that you can use in your next app.

LinkedIn Learning

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Visual Studio 2017: First Look

This beginner/intermediate course explores the new features and enhancements in Visual Studio 2017. It walks you through key improvements to the IDE, debugging, navigation, IntelliSense, and more. Free LinkedIn Learning trial available.

Building Cloud Connected Universal Windows Apps

This beginner/intermediate course covers how to build a simple UWP app that leverages the power of the cloud. It shows you how to set up and test backend services in the cloud, configure Azure services, work with essential APIs, and more. Free LinkedIn Learning trial available.

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