Bring your existing apps and games to the
Windows Store with the Desktop Bridge

Convert your apps and games to provide clean installation and updates to your users. You can distribute the app in the Windows Store or use your existing distribution channels.

How to publish your desktop app or game to Windows Store

If you're ready to bring your existing desktop app or game to the
Windows Store, let us know.

The Desktop Bridge enables developers to bring their existing apps and games to the Universal Windows Platform. If you are using the Desktop Bridge with your existing app or game and are ready to distribute it through the Windows Store, let us know by submitting the form and our team will work closely with you to manage the process of getting your converted app published in the Windows Store.

Please note that you need to be the developer and/or publisher of the app or game to bring it to the Windows Store. As such, make sure your name and e-mail address match with the website you submit as the URL below, so we can validate you are the developer and/or publisher.

"We’re excited to bring our full-featured Evernote app to the Windows Store. The Desktop Bridge vastly simplifies our installer and uninstaller. It also opens up UWP APIs that we’ve taken advantage of, including the live tiles and notifications. And having the full-featured Evernote app in the Windows Store means future improvements will reach users faster."

Seth Hitchings, VP Engineering, Evernote

Benefits of converting a desktop app to a UWP app

App model. The converted app has a well-defined app model and a deployment experience that ensures clean install, uninstall, and seamless updates. The behavior and performance (including startup) of users' systems remain pristine.

App identity. A UWP app has an identity, which enables features such as push notifications, Live Tile updates, and in-app product offers for your app.

App enhancement. At your own pace, you can add UWP features to your app such as background tasks, app services, and many more. You can use the rich UWP feature set in your app.

Reach every Windows device. Once all functionality moves from the full-trust portion of your app and into the app container portion, your app will be able to reach every Windows device.

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Getting started

Learn more about how to enable existing desktop applications (such sa Win32 and .NET) to become part of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) ecosystem.

See how the Desktop App Converter and the technologies behind it enable you to convert your existing desktop application to a UWP app.

Kevin Gallo discusses the latest improvements for the Desktop Bridge, including the first set of apps built using the Desktop App Converter becoming available in the Windows Store.