A new revenue share is coming to Microsoft Store


We're dropping Microsoft Store fees for consumer applications!

Starting later this year, consumer applications (not including games or game subscriptions) sold in Microsoft Store will deliver to developers 95% of the revenue earned.


This includes purchases of applications or any in-app products, when a customer uses a deep link to make purchases in Microsoft Store.

If Microsoft helps to acquire a customer through any other method, such as in a collection on Microsoft Store, developers will receive 85% of the revenue earned from the purchases.


*Applies to Windows 10 PCs, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows Phone and Surface Hub devices.
**Disclaimer: Final details subject to change

What applications will the new fee structure apply to?

When does the new fee structure go into effect?

Will the new fee structure apply to games or game subscriptions?

Will the new fee structure apply to purchases made via Microsoft Store for Business? Microsoft Store for Education?

What about applications that are not games, but are available to customers on Xbox?

What about applications that are available on both Microsoft Store for Windows 10 PC and Microsoft Store for Xbox One?

What will the fee structure be for apps that are available to earlier OS versions? (Windows 8.x and/or Windows Phone 8.x)

How does the Microsoft Store fee apply to subscriptions and other add-ons (in-app purchases)?