Todd Anglin Cloud Advocate

Todd Anglin

Web / Mobile Development



Hi. I'm Todd, a Principal Cloud Advocate Lead here at Microsoft.

I've built a a career around working closely with developer communities and product teams to make software development easier and faster. Especially front-end web and mobile development. Before joining Microsoft, I was VP of Product at Progress, where I lead a global team of product engineers, product managers and developer advocates working on a wide range of software development tools and platforms, including the popular open source cross-platform mobile framework, NativeScript.

Before Progress, I lead developer advocacy and product teams at Telerik for many years, working on product strategy to grow Telerik’s developer tools business and launching products like web UI framework Kendo UI. During this time, I also worked closely with Microsoft as both a Visual Studio partner and as a C# MVP for five years before transitioning to focus heavily on front-end web and mobile development with JavaScript.

Born in California, grew up in Texas, and now live north of Houston with my wife of 14 years and two daughters. Software or hardware, wood or steel, I like to work with my hands and make things. So far, I've become a jack of many trades, and master of few. Eventually, I hope to master some. 'Til then, when I'm not working or spending time with family, I enjoy fast cars, supporting the arts, and tinkering with smart home technology.


  • .NET / C#
  • JavaScript / Web Development
  • Mobile Apps / NativeScript

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