Enrich and tailor Microsoft Copilot with Copilot extensions

Copilot extensions expand your organization's AI-powered productivity, skills, and creativity.

Build actions, ground responses, focus user experience

Copilot extensions allow you to customize Copilot with tailored experiences that can work with external data, while adding unique skills to accelerate the things your users do every day.

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Build your own copilot and publish it as a Copilot extension

When you build your own copilots, you have deeper control over the user experience. Focus responses on custom instructions, ground them in your files, and plug additional skills with actions. With your own copilots, you can extend Copilot responses with in-context handoffs or focus the experience for your use case.

Use Copilot's orchestrator and foundation models

Use your custom orchestrator and foundation models

Ground Copilot in your organization's content

Connecting data sources with Microsoft Graph connectors brings more of your organization's content and context to Copilot, increasing the richness and relevance of its responses.

From low code to pro code, build Copilot extensions with a comprehensive AI toolchain

Microsoft Copilot Studio

Quickly and securely build your generative AI solution with a few clicks. From plugins, to connectors and your own copilots, Microsoft Copilot Studio is the easiest way to start with a managed stack.

Visual Studio Code

If you prefer an IDE, Visual Studio Code and the Teams Toolkit extension allows you to have a code-first approach to building plugins, Microsoft Graph connectors, and your own copilots.

Azure AI Studio

For more advanced generative AI solutions, you can extend Microsoft Copilot Studio with Azure AI Studio. Azure AI Studio is the place to build and manage AI applications with tools for creating, refining, evaluating, and maintaining the building blocks of your copilots.

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