Build 3D multiuser experiences with Microsoft Mesh

A new way for people to connect on desktop PCs and in virtual reality (VR).

Why choose Mesh?

Accelerate multiuser 3D projects

Mesh includes an avatar system, spatial audio, virtual event production tools, and synchronizes experiences and interactivity across users on PC and VR.

Build business solutions with confidence

Mesh was built from the ground up for use in enterprises, bringing the security, privacy, and manageability of Microsoft 365 to your immersive experiences.

Be productive quickly

Mesh supports Unity development and popular 3D design tools. Get started with our samples and tutorials, or port an existing Unity scene.

Get started with Mesh 101 tutorial and sample project

The best way to learn how to build with Mesh is to download the Mesh 101 sample and follow the end-to-end tutorial. You'll learn how to set up your dev environment, prepare the project, add interactivity, test, build for PC and VR, and publish to Mesh.

Transform concepts into 3D multi-user solutions with Mesh toolkit

Add natural interactivity

Build client-side, low-latency effects with visual scripting. Add interactivity, connect triggers to actions, and insert custom logic.

Access your data and the power of .NET

Introduce live backend data from your company or public sources, or add complex logic with cloud scripting.

Enable engaging, dynamic content

Inject interactivity, creativity, and fun into your space when you make objects act in a realistic - or fantastic - manner with Mesh Physics.

Bring rich web content into 3D environments

Bring web content into immersive spaces for users to interact with in just a few steps.

Ensure optimized, performant experiences

Catch performance bottlenecks and optimize graphics with built-in tools and guidance.

Publish with ease

Build for PC and Android (Quest) at the same time, then publish hassle-free directly from Unity.

Get more Mesh resources


Get an end-to-end look at how to build with Mesh including guidance for designing, enhancing, optimizing and publishing experiences.


Choose from several samples to learn core concepts or use them directly in your own Unity projects.


Import Mesh toolkit from within Unity or download it with a sample project.


Discover a growing library of how-to videos and learn from Mesh experts.

Join our communities


Join our group to learn about upcoming events and webinars.

Tech community hub

Learn, share, and contribute with other Mesh creators in Microsoft Community Hub.

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