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Reach more customers​

Reduce sign in friction and allow your users to sign in with their Microsoft personal, work or school account. Over a billion users already sign in to their Microsoft account to access services such as Office 365, Azure,, Xbox and more.

Man looking at a computer screen wearing headphones

Secure your application​

Build secure authentication into your application and give your customers who use a Microsoft personal, work, or school account advanced security and access controls. Comply with existing IT policies and allow enterprises to use multi-factor authentication, identity protection, conditional access, and more.

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Create powerful apps

Connect to Microsoft Graph and build apps, services, or workflows for Microsoft 365 organizations and consumers. Build on a platform that gives you access to powerful data and functionality through a single endpoint. Streamline new user onboarding, assign managers, grant permissions to documents, add users to roles, and more.

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Customer identity and access management​

Provide easy sign up and sign in to your applications by allowing users to use federated identity providers like Google and Facebook. Customize the user journey and meet business goals on a scalable and reliable platform.

Integrate with ease

Your platform and language

Find SDKs for Windows, iOS, Android, .NET, JavaScript and more.

Industry standards

Support for SAML 2.0, OpenID Connect, and OAuth 2.0 protocols and standards.

Trusted and reliable

Azure datacenters are globally distributed with 99.9% uptime SLA.

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