Microsoft Build

May 23-25, 2023

Harness the power of AI

Build a new generation of intelligent apps on Microsoft Teams

Unlock the full potential of your Teams apps with AI


Elevate your Copilot experience, transforming how you interact with custom apps, data, and services.

Semantic Index

Deliver personalized, relevant and actionable responses with Microsoft Graph connectors, and Semantic Index for Copilot.

AI-powered Teams apps

Simplify the integration of large language models (LLMs) into Teams apps and build conversational experiences with ease.

Introducing plugins for Microsoft 365 Copilot

Plugins amplify the transformative power of Copilot, taking your productivity to new heights. Microsoft 365 Copilot does two things: it works alongside you and it provides a simple, natural language interface to all your apps and data. Plugins elevate your Copilot experience, transforming your interaction with custom apps and unlocking their true potential.

Connect Copilot to your data sources

Microsoft Graph connectors provide an easy way to use your custom data and power Copilot to make context-aware decisions. The addition of Semantic Index for Copilot improves discoverability of your content within Microsoft 365 services. This index is a sophisticated map of user and company data, critical for getting relevant, actionable responses. You can easily leverage this data for everyday tasks, whether it's writing an email, meeting on Teams, or using search.

Reimagine your Teams application with AI

The Teams AI library simplifies the integration of LLMs into Teams applications, making them conversational. This enables your apps to interpret user intent from natural language and map it to your app skills, all within a native Teams-centric approach. You can concentrate on your app logic while providing a consistent experience for your users, steering natural conversations into actionable outcomes. Moreover, with built-in guardrails for responsible AI, the library equips you to ensure moderated responses, and with language localization features built in, it serves a diverse user base for an experience that works in the language of your users.

Why build intelligent apps for Teams


Native integration with Teams app components


Easy to leverage existing Teams app components


From message extensions to existing plugins, getting started is easy

Responsible AI

Guardrails to steer moderated responses

Language localization

Built in localization with LLMs


Steer natural conversation into actionable outcomes


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