Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program for ISVs

Ensure that all your Microsoft 365 applications meet the highest levels of security for your customers. Join today for free!

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Publisher verification helps users and admins verify the authenticity of the app publisher.
Publisher attestation helps IT admins quickly evaluate apps.
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Microsoft 365 Certification assures admins that apps meet industry standards.
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Certify your app today

The Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program offers assurance to organizations that when they deploy Microsoft 365 Applications for business, their data and privacy is secure. ISVs can have their apps certified through detailed attestation and security audits, demonstrating that they meet the most up-to-date compliance standards.

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"Office2SharePoint for Outlook was not only the perfect app for this, but also a Microsoft 365-certified app, which was important for us."

- Head of AIMS IT Support Robin Dinerstein

"It's been just a few weeks and we are already experiencing benefits in Security screening. Being Microsoft 365 Certified is an enormous time saver for both us and our customers. It is a critical offering and helps us standout in the market."​

- Martin Seifert, CEO at Officeatwork

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